Upcoming Workshops / activities

Ever considered hosting a workshop???

We are looking for people that would like the opportunity to host a workshop.

BENIFITS of hosting a workshop:

*Workshop will take place at your chosen location - workplace, home or elsewhere.

* What ever project is undertake during the workshop will be implemented at you chosen place, therefore yours to keep.

*You will also have the opportunity to spend some extra time with Renee during the day to talk Permaculture.

* You get to attend the workshop for free. 

What we offer to our host:

*We guide you through the process of choosing your ideal project to suit you and your chosen space. 

*Help you obtain all required materials and tools for undertaking the workshop.

*Guiding you through the project from start to finish. 

What a host will need to provide:

*All materials and tools - Renee will help with this.

*The location for the workshop, i.e. your house or workplace.

*Morning tea and refreshments for participants.

*Negotiate the available dates for the workshop.

*Support with advertising the workshop.

Potential workshop ideas:

*Wicking garden beds

*Worm farm

*Lasagne beds

*Cob pizza oven

*Hot composting

*Aquaculture / ponds

The options are endless, check out past workshops for possible ideas.


Investment and numbers will depend on the workshop chosen.

If this is something you maybe interested in please get in contact with Renee to discuss your options.

Check out my Face Book page for upcoming events also.    

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