Meet the Crew

Renee McKie

Permaculture Design consultant, Natural builder, workshop facilitator


Renee has been practicing and teaching many different aspects of Permaculture for several years. One of her main focuses is natural and recycled building, design and construction. Creating healthy homes, healthy planet for healthy people. Renee is also very passionate about natural medicinal practices, herbal, foods and oils. Mainly focused towards women's health and well-being.


Diploma Permaculture

Permaculture Design Course - Rural

Permaculture Design Course - Urban

Advance teacher training Permaculture

Living Smart facilitator

Ecological building and design

Herbal Medicine

Cert 3 Micro Business management

Permaculture internship

M: 0425899942

Peter Turner

Green building designer, Owner builder

Peter has designed and built an approved Earthhome in Western Australia; Peter has a great deal of experience working with councils, navigating the WA building and health department regulations to intergrte the systems of Earthships into WA building approval process.


Advance Diploma Business Systems,

5 years Earthbuilding and Permaculture hands on and design experience,
5 years design drafting experience

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