Permaculture Design,Consultancy and implementation

Zone 0 Permaculture is an Australian based business, that offers face to face or online services.

So please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or to hear more about what we do.

Have a Rural property, suburban block, or apartment? 

Want Permaculture advice or mentoring?

  • Eco-friendly new house placement, design and materials

  • Existing house retorfitting projects

  • Appropriate Technology

  • Water harvesting and management

  • Organic food production

  • Recycling and waste management

  • Soil rehabilitation and erosion control

  • Energy conservation techniques

  • Livestock

  • Aquaculture

  • Windbreaks and fire control

 Consultancy and design manuals

Spend time one on one with a client understanding needs and desires for their design outcome.

Spending time on the property that needs designing, understanding landscape, climate, resources, and elements.

Consult clients about different ideas, projects, technology that could be integrated into their property / lifestyle.

Produce a design manual specific to clients site and needs.

Planning and approvals



Design Consultation

Digital Reconnaissance (Landgate, Topography, Town Planning Scheme)

Site survey

Soil Testing

Zoning approval application

Zone Layout Work (fencing, swales, ponds, planting)

Budgeting & Estimations

Drawings (Elevation, Floorplan, Waste Water, Structural)

Planning Application

Waster Water Apparatus Application

Engineering certification

Energy Rating
Owner Builder License

Building Surveyor

Building License

Building and construction

Owner builder mentoring

Onsite construction crew


Professionally facilitated building workshops

Zone Layout Work (fencing, swales, ponds, planting)

Site Preparation (survey, level/Excavate, compact)

Acquire materials


Termite prevention apparatus



Waste water apparatus (greywater/septic systems)



Water catchment

Electricity generation



Occupancy permit

Education and training

Permaculture design course

Topic specific workshops

On site training


one on one coaching