Profauna Indonesia

Protection of Forest and Fauna (PROFAUNA) is a non-profit organization with a global network, working for the protection of forest and wildlife in Indonesia. PROFAUNA's activities are non-political and non-violent. Established in 1994 in Malang, East Java, Indonesia under the name of Konservasi Satwa Bagi Kehidupan (Wildlife Conservation for Life), the grassroots organization has grown into a national and global scale movement.

PROFAUNA's main programs include campaign, education, investigation, advocacy, and community empowerment.

Indonesia is one of the richest country in term of biodiversity, yet this country also has the longest list of threatened species. Habitat loss and overexploitation are among the major causes  of wildlife extinction. Such condition is further worsened by the people's lack of awareness towards the importance of nature conservation. The rapid degradation of Indonesia's forest and raging wildlife exploitation conditions then motivated two young activists to establish PROFAUNA.