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Permaculture Design Course

Want to take Permaculture to the next level.

Want to  learn to do your own design?

Want to design for friends or for clients! 


Permaculture Design Course - Hosted by Zone 0


Permaculture – is a word that’s derived from two words 'permanent' and 'agriculture'. The Permaculture design course (PDC) is a 72hr intensive course designed to give you the skills to observe, design, establish, monitor and create fundamental changes to improve general well-being for you and the greater community. Some of the skills to be obtained include closed loop systems, integrating into sustainable living practices, replicating natural systems, and correct use of resources.


Permaculture practices, following the principles and ethics can be used at any scale; a full blown agricultural enterprise, an apartment balcony, a quarter acre farm, an intentional community, or a company structure, it will support any aspect of life. Different applications following Permaculture principles are organic food production, home design, construction, energy production and water harvesting.


This course based in Perth will primarily focus on our local area, but with information learnt at a PDC you could take these skills anywhere.

Course outline
  • Theory & principles of permaculture

  • Concepts & Themes of Design

  • Systems thinking & Methods of Design

  • Pattern Understanding

  • Understanding climate & landscape

  • Trees & Their Energy Transactions

  • Water

  • Soil

  • Earth Working & Earth Resources

  • Designing for Different Climates

  • Aquatic Design

  • Appropriate Technology

  • Eco-friendly house placement and design

  • Energy conservation techniques

  • Recycling and waste management

  • Organic food production

  • Water harvesting and management

  • Ecological pest control

  • Drought-proofing

  • Soil rehabilitation and erosion control

  • Livestock

  • Aquaculture

  • Windbreaks and fire control

  • Practical Designing Exercise


Why do your PDC with Zone 0?

Diverse range of teachers, experts in their fields

Multiple locations showcasing different Permaculture systems

Hands on experiences

Information and support to take home


Site Visits

As part of this course we’ll take you out and about to visit an excellent variety of examples of permaculture design being used to create different types of resilient, abundant systems – from backyard food forests to energy efficient passive solar buildings.

About the teachers and the locations

Renee McKie is the main facilitator for this PDC course. She is a Permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. Renee has completed 2 PDC (1 rural and 1 urban,) She also holds a Diploma in Permaculture Design and Permaculture teacher training. Renee has studied, practised and taught Permaculture in Australia and Indonesia for several years.

Some of the site visits:

Piney Lakes environmental education centre:

PLEEC is a place for environmental education. They aim to promote environmental awareness, respect for Noongar Boodja and encourage positive behavioural change towards sustainable living practices.

Murdoch University's Environmental Technology Centre:

Tours include sustainable buildings, water wise and sustainable gardens, solar power systems, worm farms, and waste management and recycling options.

Jhettos patch: https://www.facebook.com/groups/JETTOSPATCH/

Shipwrights cottage - Fiona Hook: https://www.facebook.com/shipwrightscottage/

Perth City Farm: https://www.perthcityfarm.org.au/about-us

Included in your course fee

All site visits and tours

Hand outs

USB – loaded with books and information to take home

A year’s subscription to Permaculture west

A Permaculture Design Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion


Future studies and opportunities

The PDC serves as a foundation for further Permaculture work and study and is a prerequisite for the Diploma in Permaculture Design.

Course Dates

*See upcoming workshops TAB. Course hours will typically be 9:00 - 5:00 including 1 hour of combined breaks.

After the 10 days, we will meet again for a weekend approximately one month later. This weekend will be the final class to review design ideas/progress and celebration as the completion point of the course. Please note that between this break and after the completion of the course we will be available to support where ever needed.



The full price of this PDC is $995.
A deposit of $200 is required by the *date TBA, to confirm your place at this PDC.
Final payment of the remaining $795 is required prior to the PDC starting date.
Families are encouraged to apply, we have couples discounts, or payment plan options.

You can contact us to discuss payment options if required.


Please let us know

We like to tailor the course towards the group's needs to assist all to achieve their goals. So please contact and let us know why you're looking to do the PDC, any past experiences & your future goals when you sign up.


If you have any questions about this Design Course please me at R.mckie24@gmail.com

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