PAK Permaculture Project

Pak Permaculture Project

Pak B and Pak A are two sides of a duplex built on a 1018sqm property in Mount Lawley near Banks Reserve on the Swan River.  The duplex sits high on a narrow block with a slope that falls to what used to be a rushing stream fed from Lake Monger and Hyde Park (now in pipes under the ground).   Pak B was built in 1925 and 8 years later Pak A. 

The owners have lived on the property for 33years where they have raised their three sons.  When they purchased the property there was only one tree and buffalo grass knee high throughout the backyard.  Over the years gardens have been planted, fruit and nut trees established, and a forest of gums planted at the back of the property now contribute to a functioning over storey.  Untouched for a while, the garden is now in a semi-jungle state with trees out of control, water bogs and the space generally not functioning well or productively.


The owner’s long held dream has been “To transform the gardens at Pak using Permaculture principles into a productive paradise where others might be inspired to live more resourcefully and with deep respect for the earth - making ‘heaven on earth’ in our backyard!”  Now in a position to fulfill their dream, the owners put out an add seeking someone with the skills and interest to take on the task.  As it so happened, I was after such a project, so I came to take a look.  Linda showed me through the property and since I’d not said much by the time, we got to the back fence she asked, “So are you daunted or excited?”  My answer was ’excited!’ so the deal was struck.  I am now a live-in Permaculture design consultant, designer and undertaking implementation.

I had an 12 month contract to live with and support the clients through the process of integrating Permaculture principles, ethics and projects, that aligned with the owners needs and desires.

Current (start of the project) attributes of Pak property:

  • Productive, but not maintained fruit trees

  • Functioning canopy

  • Slope – 6m fall the length of the property

  • Unlimited spring water – 3 to 4 litres p/min all day every day

  • boggy areas

  • Overgrown paths

  • Rubbish piles

  • No perennial or annual veggies or herbs

  • Workshop


Future plans:

  • Vegetable and herb production

  • Aquaponics

  • Food forest

  • Natural swimming pools and ponds

  • Building structures - pens, gardens, cob oven, benches, deck, bridges

  • Water harvesting

  • Biochar

  • Poultry

  • Goat

  • Beehives


The owners and I are keen to inspire others to integrate Permaculture design into their life and/or properties.  The Pak site is pretty special, it’s full of potential and there’s lots of space so we opened it up for others to be involved.  I created a Permaculture internship program, whilst on-site participants got to spend time in a flourishing ecosystem, got hands on Permaculture practice and knowledge by spending time with myself and the chance to see the project evolve over the next 12months. 

Over the time we didn’t get to complete all the desired projects, but the ones that were completed had some much to offer.

Some of the projects completed:

  • Sites clean-up of different areas and paths

  • Regular get togethers to discuss plans, needs and desires

  • Water harvesting and redirection

  • Wicking bed construction

  • Infrastructure construction – trellis, garden beds

  • Beehives installed

  • Bee keeping workshops

  • Aquaponics system construction and workshop

  • Pruning and maintenance of existing fruit and nut trees

  • Herb and veggie production

  • Nights are the fire

  • One resident goat

  • Compost

  • Mulching...........................

    And so much more!!

Check out the pictures below…

PAK Permaculture
PAK Permaculture

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PAK Permaculture
PAK Permaculture

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