Zone 0 was created to support people in their transition to more healthy and regenerative lifestyles, while working towards a diverse and abundant planet. 


Zone 0 meets these needs by hosting a range of workshops. ( - see education tab )


Zone 0 also provides ecological building and Permaculture design, that is site and client specific. With each of these designs we work very closely with the client to achieve the highest quality of service and outcome for the client, their home and the community.


We can also support clients through the owner builder process, handling all council and regulation approvals. ( - see services tab )

Introduction Permaculture Workshop - Rosie’s testimonial


"I want to thank Renee for delivering a amazing experience at the Permaculture workshop held at Shambhala Rinjani Lombok.


Renee was very professional very caring, dedicated and passionate about Permaculture and how it assists the planet. Her explanations and how she involved us all was easy to absorb and understand.


It was awesome, just how we made a spiral herbal garden and how much you can put into such a small space.


Her ability to communicate and connect with the local sasak community what needed to be done was wonderful to watch. She managed to get the locals to cut up Bamboo and create woven compost bins, trellises, also building retaining walls, a lot of dirt was shoveled and it was so much fun even with a broken tap that was out of control, we had lots of singing and dancing, everyone was so happy and laughing.


It was so much fun taking photos of all the unusual bugs in the garden and around, weird creatures that you wouldn’t normally notice.


Discovering all the different patterns in nature like scatters, branching, clouds, lobes, waves, webs all found in the grounds. I will always look at nature with new eyes, it was magical and wondrous.


Renee's  presentation for the theory was very professional, she was dressed clean and tidy just like a teacher, then out came the work clothes and hands in the dirt, it was a amazing transformation. Like from the seed to the bud to the flower, each day we all became more connected with each other and Mother Earth.


Everyone worked really hard, but you didn’t really notice it as you were so present in the NOW. Then at the end of each day we would look and see what we had all so synergisticly created together.


It was such a special time for us all and everyone gained so much from the experience, we have all connected as good friends and will all be coming back to the mountain again to continue the project and meet again with our Sasak family .


I cannot recommend high enough this amazing life changing program with Renee McKie, a experience you cannot miss.


With heart felt thanks"


Rose Ireland